about us

Bringing Your Home to Life


Inspired by natural beauty and modern feng shui, we combine traditional techniques and new technology to assure you the highest quality home improvement projects


Strong focus on durability first, we create long lasting structures and implement permanent repairs using high quality materials to keep your home and investments secure


Forward and thorough we discuss the plans and process while maintaining an open dialogue to ensure that you receive exactly the product and service you envision


  • Oregon Construction Contractors Board License CCB# 228792
  • Lead-based Paint Renovator’s License LBPR# RI-41R009-20-24-12658
           required license to bid any work on pre-1978 homes
  • To protect yourself, your family, and your home, make sure that any contractors you hire are registered, licensed, and bonded in Oregon

We are a licensed, insured and bonded residential general contractor in Oregon.


Our company advocates a reduce, reuse, recycle mentality. This begins by endorsing long-lasting materials and designs. We use materials and designs that have proven to endure the test of time in our climate. We also highly encouraging investing in high quality, real materials that maintain value and are serviceable for a lifetime. Most composites and vinyl products do not last and will never breakdown in the landfills.

Projects are carefully planned to minimize wasted materials and labor, in turn keeping costs down, lowering your ecological footprint, and providing you with exactly what you want. This includes detailed estimates with itemized costs, and transparent contracts.

We aim to reduce the use of synthetic products, such as plastics, glues, composites, paints, and vinyls used in the construction industry in favor of renewable wood, stone, natural oils, and milk paints. We believe there is a fine balance between the advance of building science and the use of natural materials that will allow us to produce the healthiest, most beautiful and best performing structures.

If you are able to source quality, second-hand materials, we can use and modify them for your projects. Unwanted materials will be salvaged from your renovations to be donated to reuse and recycle specialists, such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and Bring Recycling.

No longer usable materials will be recycled to the best of our abilities including wood, metal, and hazardous material separation. We also use scrap lumber for heating our home and shop. Our kindling bins are always full!

If you are looking for a reliable, conscientious, and friendly company, we are here to help you make your home exactly how you want it to be.

Joaquin & Ariana Provines

Operator & Business Manager

A year after meeting and taking a 2 month long road trip around the US, we felt inspired by our adventures and wanted more from our careers. We had the idea to start a construction company because of our mutual passion for building, creating and designing. While Joaquin was an apprentice for an established contractor, I was going to Lane Community College to obtain an Associates of Applied Science and construction technology certificate.

We gather inspiration from our travels through the places we stay,
people we meet and all of the scenery around us. We tend to spend a lot of the day pointing out beautiful architecture, interesting building choices, or discuss how we would like to renovate condemned structures we see alongside the road.

We have complimentary attributes that make working together a well oiled machine. I am quick and timeline oriented and Joaquin has impeccable attention to detail. I am very design minded and Joaquin knows how to make the best use of materials to save money and cut down on waste. It is our consistent support and confidence in one another that makes working together the easiest part of the job.

On our off days, when we aren’t exploring, we spend most of our time with family. We have a large family between the two of us and are proud to say we are a family business. These are the people who have shared ideas and supported us the most and we are very grateful for their presence in all of our endeavors.