Bathroom Remodels

Beginning a bathroom remodel, there are many big decisions to make.

  1. Do you like the layout or want to change it?
  2. Do you want to go with a tub or opt for a shower only?
  3. Do you have a second bathroom for use during the remodel, or will you have to make other arrangements?
  4. What materials do you like, for example, do you want a sturdy cast iron tub, or a fully tiled shower?
  5. Do you want glass doors or plan on using a curtain?
  6. Would you like to replace or refinish your vanity?
  7. Do you have a color scheme and aesthetic you’re working from for fixtures and accessories?
  8. Do you prefer tile, stone, or vinyl flooring?
  9. Who would you like to do this work?
  10. When would you like this work done?
  11. What is your budget?
  12. If the estimates come in above your budget, what can you live without?

At this point you are ready to get an estimate from your selected contractors and see what the cost is. From here you can see if you are within your budget for this project, or if sacrifices will have to be made. An experienced contractor will understand that there is always a budget and will be able to help you find the compromises that will best help you fit your budget and taste.

Once the big decisions have been made and you have found a contractor that you would like to work with

  1. A final estimate is approved
  2. Contract is signed by both parties, included a project schedule and down payment collection
  3. We order all of the special order parts
  4. You make arrangements for alternative bathroom usage during remodel
  5. We apply for any necessary permits, typically valve and drain replacements require permits and inspections for plumbing connections behind the wall and floor
  6. Work begins
  7. You check in with contractor to make sure everything is going as planned and the materials and craftsmanship are what you expected.
  8. Work is completed, jobsite is cleaned completely
  9. You walk through with contractor and makes sure the level of finish and detail is as discussed
  10. We collect final payment
  11. You enjoy your brand new bathroom!

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